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Welcome To Your Toy Trains!

Welcome, a source for tory trains — and the memories they create. My memories of trains start around 1963 when I remember seeing Santa Fe Warbonnet cab locomotives near my home in El Paso, Texas. Since my Dad was in the Army, in the mid-1960s he was stationed in Germany, where I can remember standing over a railroad overpass to see what it felt like when the smoke blew out of the locomotive. My love of trains and toy trains really started in 1966, when my Dad was transferred to Aberdeen, Maryland - a town served by two main line railroads.
Whether it was long walks down the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad or my Dad taking me on Friday nights to the Pennsylvania Railroad depot, I had found my passion. Little did I know these childhood experiences would lead to a toy train website. Please continue browsing to learn more about me, my inspiration, and to buy classic toy trains! Contact to with any questions or comments you might have. Thank you for visiting to I look forward to hearing from you.
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