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YourToyTrains.com is designed for the serious model railroader- WE AT YOUR TOY TRAINS  CONSIDER MODEL RAILROADS MAN-TOYS- and also for what we call the Little Toy Trainer, because we want to keep selling our products in the future.. Our goal is to offer a wide selection of  train tracks and accessories, locomotives, freight cars, cabooses, and entire train sets! All at competitive prices! We are not a toy store. We specialize in model RAILROAD products ONLY!

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We at YourToyTrains.com are very serious about offering the highest quality products from the leading model train manufacturers. Whether you are looking for an engine, freight car, or caboose our selection of Atlas, Bachman, and Lionel model railroad products will offer you an outstanding array of items to build your railroad. We conveniently group our products by manufacturer, and by scale, and then by individual category. We have added a Children's Store(Called "Holiday Store" here at Christmas) and an "All Things Thomas Store". We do want your children to learn to love trains, just like we do!

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You will notice something different about YourToyTrains.com. Because we love trains and because we love history we actually add a historical sketch to many of our products, especially if the product involves a particular railroad. It takes a lot of extra time to customize all our product descriptions and features, but by taking extra time we want you the model railroader to know WE REALLY LOVE TRAINS!

YourToyTrains.com has set up two categories just for the Holidays! New to the website are the "The Holiday Store" and "All Things Thomas Store". Do not be fooled! While the Thomas store I am fairly certain will only appeal to your Little Toy Trainer(who we at YourToyTrains love very much!) the Holiday Store has gifts for all ages. If you have family member or friend of ANY age who loves trains you have come to the right place for some very unique and fun gifts!

      Check out items like Christmas ornaments, a Lionel teddy bear, a Beatles or NASCAR toy freight car, or any of our wide selection of wonderful Christmas/Hannukah gifts.  YourToyTrains...Toy Trains and More!

We call our website YourToyTrains.com because we wanted the site to be all about you! As a new site where customer service is our biggest selling point please take a moment and give us feedback on our site at support@YourToyTrains.com . We are still stocking new items for our Atlas, Bachman, and Lionel product lines. If we are missing an item you are looking for, we will add it to our inventory and give you a 10% discount for your trouble. YourToyTrains.com   Model Trains and More!